Should it be "build" instead?

“They’d say, ‘Oh yah, I see the resemblance!'” Stanley told CNA Lifestyle. “But apart from being about the same height and built, you probably won’t find more visual cues that would reveal we’re blood brothers.”

Should it be “build” instead?



I don’t think ‘build’ would work here because we are talking about people. You can use the noun ‘build’ to describe a device or machine as in

"Build information for a particular device partition" or

For example, the same build may be released with variations in physical keyboard and/or display hardware, each with a different ODM SKU.”

Each build configuration can define its own set of code and resources, while reusing the parts common to all versions of your app.

If you want to run two builds on the same device you will need to change the AltUnity Tester Port during instrumentation.

So, how about this version for your sentence: “They would say, 'Oh yeah, I see the resemblance!”'" Stanley told CNA Lifestyle. “But other than the fact that we’re about the same height and built the same, there’s probably no other visual clues that would show we’re blood brothers.”


Torsten, I see that ‘build’ also has the meaning ‘physique’, in which case the poster’s suggestion is also acceptable.

You have wonderfully recast the sentence without distorting the meaning. But the original sentence may also be parsed like this: … being about the same height and being built about the same … (taking a cue from your version). What do you say?


You are right, ‘build’ can also be used to describe a person’s physique but I don’t think that usage is as common. Here is an example: “He has the same build as me, about six feet, a hundred and eighty-five or so. He says he was even bigger at the rehab place because he lifted everyday.”


Build is a much better word here. It does mean physique and is a very common usage.

He is built means he has a strong muscular build. Build is more generic, while built is more more specific.

being about the same … build
As part of the comparison, it needs to be build.


Definitely “build” in the original text. Note the word “the” preceding “height and built”. You can’t say “the built”.
“Build” is a noun. “He had the build [physique] of an acrobat.”
“Built” is an adjective. “He was really built. He had a really great physique.”