Should I use "will or would" in the these sentences?


You will need to accomplish an assignment to do a presentation. Which will you choose?

Act out a scene from a play (with a partner)

Explain your review of a novel you recently read

Read a selection of poem
I prefer to act out a scene from a play with a partner.
it would be a great chance to get closer to one of my classmates since I would have to have a partner and we would have to practice with each other a lot. So we would have enough time to get to know each other and even go out together after the play is finished.

my question is that if I should use “will or would” in the above sentences?


It depends on what you want to say. If you want to describe an event in the future you should use ‘will’. If you want to talk about a hypothetical idea or possibility you should use ‘would’.


Thank you very much Torsten


You are welcome, my friend :+1: