Should I give SAT again?

Hi!I am a student from India
My scores are as follows:
Critical reading:520
With these scores what would be my chances to get admission into Georgia Institute of Technology?
Can I apply to the same universities if I give my SAT again?
Should I give the SAT again as I got these scores without actually preparing for it,because it clashed with my other entrances.

I think these are questions you need to ask the SAT organization and the Georgia Institute of Technology. People on this site can’t be expected to know the policies of individual universities or testing companies.

If you had given the test without preparing and got these scores, then i would suggest taking the test again, and this time prepare thoroughly.

Im guessing you are applying to goergia tech to gain admission into one of the engineering programs [as most poeple from india go only for enginneering in goergia tech]

If im correct, then they will pay special emphasis on your math scores. Your math score was good, but try to improve it further. Your critical reasoning and writing also needs to be improved, especially critical reasoning.

Also try to find out as much about goergia tech and in your essays demonstrate that you have done your research and are really interested in joining the institute.

Best of luck!