Should I ask myself not to speak 'bye bye'?


Have you heard people said ‘bye bye’ when they want to leave each other or come to their home? I heard that one guy ,who is a English teacher in the Internet, said ‘We never never said bye bye,and bye bye is like a baby says.We just say bye,see you later and so on’.

Actually, I haven’t found out this correction before,but I have found out we always say ‘bye bye’. My mon can not speak one completely English sentence,but she can say ‘bye bye’. Taiwanese translate goodbye to 'bye bye(here,it’s Chinese pronounciation.).Recently,I bought one mp3 player. I also found out it shows ‘bye bye’ when turning off. At WSI, many personal tutors,who’s majors are English,they also say ‘bye bye’ to me when I leave there.

I am thinking that should I ask myself not to say ‘bye bye’ instead of saying ‘see you later or see you soon’? Have you ever thought about people speak some wrong English sentences but they,including yourself,haven’t found out whatever you have learned English for long time.Thanks for each response.

BTW,please correct my mistakes if possible.


Maggie :stuck_out_tongue:

You were told correctly…at least in the United States, we say bye or goodbye or See You…not bye bye…kids tend to do that for some reasons. However, there is nothing wrong with saying “bye bye”, in my opinion.