Should criminals be punished with lengthy jail terms or re-educated ?

Throughout history, the crime has been an unavoidable fact in almost all societies. In recent years, The governments have taken a myriad of precautions to decrease the rates of crime all over the world. In this respect, some aouthorities assert that criminals should be punished with leghty jail terms in order to prevent them from committing crime. However, I believe that it is not appropriate for human beings to do so. Criminals should be re-educated and rehabituated before being reintruduced to society.

At first glance, it can easily be asserted that punishing should be used to reintegrate criminals into society. That is to say, isolated people bring about a lot of problems for society. For instance, criminals who are not rehabituated profoundly are more likely to resort to illegitemate ways again. It is an undeniable fact that penalty is not a sufficient measure. It is just a first step. Should you desire to reintegrate criminals into society, you should make an effort to re-educated and rehabituated them. Thanks to this, you may be deter criminals from involving in criminals activites again. Eventually, the governments should pay attention to that criminals are also a human beings.

When it comes to another aspect of the issue, society may derive great benefits from criminals with the aid of re-education and rehabituation. The circumstances in jails which are implemented re-education and rehabituation programs may enable criminals have a good job, interest in artistic activities, or sport. Therby, when their punishments finished, these qualities may bring a new dimension to their lives.

On the other hand, there are , naturally, many people who strongly argue that criminals should be punished with leghty jail terms for the security of society. On the surface, this view may sound and neat, but a deeper and more elaborate look into the subject enables us to figure out that it is so irrelevant idea. Since, should criminals are penalized without re-education and rehabituation, it is an inevitable to encounter that such criminals would involve in criminal activities again and the number of people who commit a crime would go up dramatically.

İn conclusion, taking everything into consideration, punishing people with lenghty jail terms would set the stage for massive negative outcomes. Re-education and rehabituation can be regarded as two of the most reasonable solutions of the issue. The government should show great determination to make progress in finding new beneficial punishment methods. İn brief, the more rehabituated jails there are, the less crime rates will become.

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