Should boys and girls attend separate schools?

Hi Luschen. Would you please evaluate the following essay. Thanks a lot.

Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Boys and girls should attend separate schools. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

Education is very important for all boys and girls. It helps students to find proper jobs and how to live better. Some parents think that their students should attend separate schools and others prefer co-educational schools. In my view, attending a co-educational school would be a better option because of the following reasons.

First of all, I think that studying in co-educational schools can increase boys’ and girls’ incentive to learn lessons better. We know that boys want to be more attractive in girls’ views and reversely. In co-educational schools, boys can study harder and so girls will pay attention to them more. One day I read a newspaper and a statistic said that, “The students’ average GPA in co-educational schools is more than separate schools.” This statistic proves that it would be better for boys and girls to not attend separate schools.

Furthermore, studying in co-educational schools helps boys to learn how to behave correctly with girls and reversely. In co-educational schools they spend more time with each other and train to learn about differences. For example, students attend separate schools in most of Middle East schools. We know that many women, in those counties, are upset because of men’s behaviors and they think that men do not know how to respect women. As we can see, students can learn how to behave with others by studying in co-educational schools.

Last but not least, students can choose one of their classmates to marry. When boys and girls study with together, they can know each other better and this helps them to find a proper case to marry. For example, I have studied in a separate high school and so I have less chance to have a girlfriend until I was 20. Unfortunately, I could not study in a co-educational university and was obligated to study in a separate military university. I think this is the main reason that I could not find a girlfriend and why I am bachelor at 32! That experience taught me that attending separate schools is not a good option.

In conclusion, although some people urge their children to attend separate schools, I think that studying in a co-educational school is better. Not only students can learn to behave with other better, they can find proper case to marry and they have more incentive to study. That’s why I believe that all student should attend co-educational schools.

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Hi Tesoke, I think this is another good essay. This one seems very close to a four - the content is good, but you have a few more phrases and words that sound a little awkward or unnatural, plus the tenses in that one sentence. So I would have to rate this a 3.5 out of 5.