Short Stories? (Open Your Heart)

I haven’t got the patience to write an essay, neither do I have the time to research something. But sometimes I fancy writing something from my own imagination, and I would like to share it. How about you? Have you written something and just have it sitting somewhere on your computer? Share it here. :smiley:

I’ll make a start and hope that others join me:

Open Your Heart

He was a shop owner and awfully mean. Business was always slow because people preferred to buy somewhere else. He had built a marquee over his window to protect the wares he exhibited there, even provided a bench, but would never allow someone to sit there who didn’t spend money in his shop. One day he had to go away, and he asked a poor elderly woman to look after his shop. Thinking that he wouldn’t have to pay her much, he offered her a percentage of the takings she made.

It was raining that day and not many people were out, only a street musician made his way down the street. On seeing the bench he stopped and wearily sat down.
It was cold, and his torn clothes didn’t protect him, so he sat there shivering.
The old woman went out and gave him a cup of tea which he took with thanks, and then he started to make music. Two more musicians joined him, and lost in their music they kept playing. More tea was brought out and welcomed.

Every passer by stopped to listen to the music, and as it was raining, people entered the shop and bought something, only to be able to listen a little longer.
When night fell the musicians thanked the old woman again and left while she was closing the shop.

It was then that the shop owner arrived to count his money and to pay the woman for her service, thinking that he only had to hand her a pittance. How great was his surprise to find a fortnight’s takings in his till. He asked: “How did you do that? I only make this amount of money in 2 weeks.”

The woman answered: “I not only opened your shop, I opened my heart too, and this is the reward.”

A good read! I wish it gathers all the listeners here to listen this music in words.
I, too, love words, but very few of them are…by my side.

I hope, you would like this –
Who influences the life more - teacher or friend? Please do correct me if I am wrong somewhere.


Andrea, I have no story to tell, but I would like to mention my two dogs, who between them have brought more happiness into my life than I ever could have imagined.

I was recovering from an heart attack, and a stay in hospital, and I guess I was feeling pretty low, and thinking extremely dark thoughts about my future.

After returning home from hospital, I was gazing out of my window, and became interested in a man walking with his dog, and it set me to thinking that perhaps I might benefit from the daily walks that having ownership of a dog entails.

So, off I went to the local kennels, and this is were I met my Violetta. She is a street dog, a little bitch, and she originated from Spain. It was love at first sight, and I gladly handed over the 200 Euros to purchase her.

It was the wisest move I have ever made in my life, because within weeks I was back to my old cheerful self again. All I have ever given her is love, food, and affection, and in return she has given me loyalty, obedience, and love, love,love.

Now we move to a minor key … A neighbour asked me to take his dog, a Yorkshire terrier, ( Rusty ) because living alone, he had to leave the dog unattended for up to twelve hours a day, and the dog was suffering from depression. I agreed, because after a year with Violetta, I had transformed myself into a real dog-person.

Little did I realise that this little dog was Satan in doggy guise. He attacks everything and everyone in sight, except for some strange reason, me.!! I can’t begin to explain this phenomenon, it is just so. I think that he was very badly treat in his early life, and mistrusts everyone and everything, except this ( damned good-looking ) old guy. Hhmmm!.

Well, I’ve had him for thee months now, and he is beginning to accept who is the Boss around here. His antics are hilarious, and he cheers me up with his constant tail biting of Violetta, who, being the lady that she is, totally ignores him.

Walks are now a bit of nightmare, with Rusty trying to attack everything in sight. But it does have its fun moments. We are getting there, and have reached an understanding.
I am the human with the leash and he is the bodyguard. Everyone knows him, and everyone stays well clear of him, even Rotweilers.

He is calming down slowly, and I love him too. He gets everything that Violetta gets, and I would never want to be without him now.

They do say that a dog is man’s best friend, but two dogs mean twice the friendship.

Ain’t I the lucky one.!


Thank you for sharing this, Bill.

I always think that life writes the best stories, not the exiting ones, but those that touch our hearts. Maybe another day I will tell you how I came to be owned by cat. :lol:

On another note, I can’t help thinking that somebody edited my post. I have to admit that it is easier to read now, but a little note as to what the someone was thinking about my story would have been really nice. :slight_smile:

Andrea, I think only moderators are able to do that.

Does that mean Moderators can’t write? (jk) :lol:

But honestly, couldn’t she/he have left a tinsy winsy note as to what she/he thinks about the story, along with an explanation as to why she/he has edited it?

I’m not saying it’s a bad thing. I like it more the way it is now. It’s just about politeness. :roll:

And so it is Andrea. I’m sure it was an oversight on someone’s part.


It’s very nice to read from both of you.

Shyone, your imagination bears tasty fruits.

Kitosdad, there is more to your dog-man relationship than you think. Keep in the same spirit.

Thank you, maybe you find something to share with us, too. :slight_smile:

SkiIucK, how about you weaving a little magic here.?

Oh, my imagination/experience is far too insufficient to depict such moral stories/tales. :slight_smile: