shopping center should be estabilshed in my neighborhood

Series unemployment, uncompleted infrastructure, none large shopping center are some symbols of our poor neighborhood. If there is a chance to build a large shopping center in my neighborhood, I can`t agree more because it will provide more job opportunities, be of financial benefit and make our daily life convenient.

Our neighborhood has a critical security condition because of the unemployment. Constructing a shopping center means that there will be more job opportunities for manual workers and technological workers. If these entire unemployed neighbors find job, safe living environment would be established in our community. What is more, there also will be part-time job opportunities for students like me here. My major is business management, if I took a part-time job here, I can apply the theories I learned in class into practice. A large shopping center in my neighborhood will provide job opportunities not only for adults but also for students.

Besides, providing job opportunities is one matter, while benefitting my neighborhood financially is another. Once the shopping center finished, it will attract more investment to my neighborhood. It is indispensable for a shopping mall to have various suppliers for daily articles, food and clothing. This will attract more company to move into our neighborhood. A well profited shopping mall will also pay increasingly amount of tax. Then the government will use this money to improve the infrastructure, and this will benefit the shopping mall in return.

What`s more, a shopping mall will offer us more convenient life. Our neighborhood has only small stalls with poor quality commodities. The people in my neighborhood are readily to shop in the remote large shopping mall rather than the stalls. Then we are able to buy our daily necessities conveniently, thanks to the immediate shopping mall.

However, shopping mall will lead to social problems, such as parking and noise pollution. But owing to the bad economic circumstance of our community, the merits of constructing a shopping mall overweight the drawbacks.

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