shop smart


Could you please explain the meaning of the following phrases:

‘Don’t shop hard, shop smart’.
‘Style on a budget’.
‘Quality for less’.


Don’t make hard work of shopping, be clever about where and how you shop.
This shop offers stylish clothes at low prices for those who have limited spending money.
This shop offers high quality clothes at lower prices than you would expect to pay for high quality.

Are these in common use for natives?

They can explain the things in short and to the point just in few words.

They are in common use for advertisers!

Thank you BB.
I’m going to learn them off by heart.

…BB, as referring to Beeesneees?! lol

I tried very hard trying to find anything that might be incorrect in Beeesneees’s flawless writing, but I failed…again.

I answer to lots of things, W.
At least BB was polite. ;D

Yes, I am amazed at your benevolence and generosity, dear BB (oh, I love your new name!).

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