shoot off the back foot

Hello everyone,

From the book 99 Stories of the Game by Wayne Gretzky. It’s about ice hockey.

The two guys with the stiffest and heaviest sticks in the league in my era were Mike Bossy and me. In fact, he and I used pretty much the same stick for a long time. We might not have had the hardest shots, but we both knew exactly where the puck was going to go. Fans will probably remember the way Bossy and Guy Lafleur would wind up and take a slap shot off the rush at full speed. I used to do the same thing. With a stick that stiff, you needed that windup to get a heavy shot.

With today’s whippier sticks, guys can load up quickly and shoot off the back foot, which takes a lot less time.

Does “shoot off the back foot” mean that when a player takes a shot, most of his weight is on the back foot, i.e. the back foot serves as a support?

Thank you.

I believe so.

Thank you, Beeesneees.