She's got an Elevator Pitch!

We are in an elevator in a Hilton on our way up to our den.

She ( luvvy disciple ) - I don’t want to see you anymore.

Me - Why? what’s wrong with our love? And when did you come up with this idea.

She - It’s just, your IQ never comes up. And I just got this idea in this elevator.

Me - So you mean you ditch me with an elevator pitch, just like that. And what about me?

She - Yes, just like that, don’t worry Natasha will take my place. You know the 5 8 one?

Me - Oh, yeah? cool! and I’ll keep my IQ at 40. Uh huh uh huh. Love you so much.

She - You sly Biatch!

Have fun!

Me - Oh, but how about all our love and this and that?

She - No sweat, just ditch them.

Me. Um.

Have fun!