She's begging the Chinese now.

So called the Lady is begging the Chinese now. For Burma? No way, Jose.
Ahav hav hav.

Begging around the world to rebuild Burma. What else she can do, I wonder.

She’s only got prostitutes,

pimps and parasites around her. Poor thing.

Who would give her free money. When the whole world needs money. America, Europe, China, Japan, huh.

So she must sell Burma out

To realize her day dream, to be the President of Burma. Oh, dear.

God save the queen.

Chinese threw 1 billion yuan into her begging cup.

It seems she’s learnt

The greatest lessons of her life

She made my Burma a beggars’ country.

Got noble piece price out of it.

Now her crest falling?

Self actualizing now?

In the near future by dancing with the wolves

Around her, her voters will happily throw her

  • once they called big sister, mother- with rotten eggs.

And call her the Bitch.

Who is to blame then.