she probably eats vs. she probably eat

sorry i kind of asked this before on my previous thread but how do you differentiate when to add s to a verb after words like probably, will, might.

which one is correct:

she probably eats it.


she probably eat it.


Adverbs (like ‘probably’) have no connection with verb form. Use -s as always for 3rd person singular present simple verbs.
Auxiliary verbs (like ‘will’ and ‘might’) are the finite verbs, so the main verb following always keeps its infinite or dictionary form: no -s.

is there any other words that have no connectiopn wiwith verbs like probably
what about may be

thanks in advance[/b]

if i understand this correctly then we should add in the s for “maybe” since it’s an adverb.

i don’t see how we can use “maybe” right before a verb. normally we would use it like this

Maybe she will go today.
Maybe she goes today.

correct me if i’m wrong, the following sentence should be grammatically incorrect

She maybe goes today

You are correct that this is incorrect! ;D