She is gone. vs She has gone.

Hi All,

Could someone please let me know the difference between the below sentences, if any.

  1. She is gone.
    She has gone.

  2. She is slept.
    She has slept.

Please also let me know if some of them are wrong.

Many thanks in advance,


“She is gone,” means, “She is not here anymore.”

“She has gone,” means, “She has left.”

“She is slept,” is nonsense in English.

“She has slept,” means she was sleeping and now she has finished.

Hi Jamie,

Thanks a lot for the reply.

I, now, have a confusion with the first 2 sentences. Second one means “She has left”, which also means She is not here any more. Does it mean that both the first and second are same? Or am I messing up?

Functionally, the first and second sentences are the same, but the focus is different.

The first sentence means she has left, but the focus is on the fact that she’s not here anymore. (The speaker’s mind pictures her empty chair or her empty room or office.)

The second sentence means she has left, but the focus is on her having physically gone away. (The speaker’s mind pictures her walking out of the building or wherever she was.)

She hasn’t come or she has come. im right? ok they was cold at night yesterday.

Damex, I can’t understand what you wrote.