'shall be going' OR 'shall be go'


I shall be going to atttend spoken English classes from monday onwards.


I shall be go to attend English classes from Monday onwards.

Which one is correct?


The correct one is the first.

Wrong ( [color=red]shall be gone not shall be go).

hav funsssss


I 'd like to say " I will go to attend spoken english classes from Monday onwards" or " I am going to attend spoken english classes from Monday onwards".
“shall be going” is correct , but , personally i won’t use this expression. Hope to be given advice from other friends here. What do you think of “shall”?

What exactly do you want to say, Swami? Do you want to say that you have registered for an English conversation course and that the course begins on Monday?

Here are a few options:

I will be attending English classes …
I will be going to English classes …
I am going to attend English classes …


Hi all,

Thanks to everybody.

Thanks yankee.Now I am clear.

Hi, Amy:
Though i won’t speak like that i still can’t find any mistake in grammar. Shall we talk about "will " and “shall”? :wink:

Hi FangFang

Now that’s a typical way that I would use “shall”! :smiley:


Hi, Amy
So you say it is a typical way for you to use “shall”? mmm, in fact, i don’t use "shall " so often , but it can be used in the future tense, for example:
" I shall be thirty next year " ( it isn’t the truth :stuck_out_tongue: )
So , Will you say that in this way? or you may use other expressions . But "shall " has many usages , i wonder where you would use it typically except that above.

Hi FangFang

I would never use shall that way. This usage would sound very strange in North America (i.e., in the USA and in Canada).
By the way, I will be a year older than I am now next January. :lol:

My use of the word shall is pretty limited.
You asked: “Shall we talk about "will " and "shall”?"
Your sentence fits into the “category” suggesting/inviting in question form that I or we do something.
Here are some links where you can read a little about shall and will:

An American link:
A Canadian link:
web2.uvcs.uvic.ca/elc/studyzone/ … futwil.htm
And here you can find a short comment sponsored by the British Council: :wink:
learnenglish.org.uk/grammar/ … ers04.html


Hi, Amy:
Thank you very much. I kept them all. :slight_smile: