Shadowy vs. shadowed


This is just an example. English normally provides a choice.

Which word do you prefer to use as an adjective?

I have a feeling that your example is possibly not the best one for the question you had in mind, Tamara. I’d choose between these two words first and foremost based only on definition.

If you only want to say that a place is ‘full of shadows’, I’d go for shadowy.

What other examples did you have in mind?

Hi, Amy

I ask your X-Ray feeling to forgive me my inability to formulate the proper question. :frowning:

You want me to have another try and give another example from the same vague (to me) area?

stylish vs styled (or stylized)

(Maybe, not too good, either…)

Well… Sometimes I see that people prefer to use ‘pure adjective’ – even in the case when the past participle verb form is ALSO widely and actively used as an adjective.
And used by the same people, as well.

Some (many) of those ‘pure adjectives’ sound (to me) as ‘elder English’, - even poetic (in some cases rather too poetic for colloquial speaking).
But charming and attractive :slight_smile:

Even though sometimes I have a suspicious :slight_smile: that people use them to make some special effect… - and that is what I can’t explain to you clearly…

Recently I asked here about elated vs elate, but was told that elate is out-of-date and elated is quite enough for modern English. :slight_smile:

Well, let’s start this way:
A past participle used as an adjective would tend to be more closely related to the action that caused the noun to be described that way.
(Was that at all understandable? :lol:)


Thank you, Amy. But as in my first language we use both – adjective and past participle (and present participle :slight_smile: )– in a similar way, I understand the general difference.

Let me now suspend my vague question and I promise that next time when I meet a good alive example for what I wanted to ask :slight_smile: I’ll immediately rush and bring it here - together with the context.
Before I forget it :slight_smile:

And we continue. :slight_smile: