shadow and shade


Could you kindly explain me by how and when we can use “shadow” or “shade” ?

Thank you

btw, the term “excuse/pardon my French” << Are you think French is so fluently in English like this way ?

The “shade” / “shadow” question is hard to answer because there are many different circumstances and idioms to consider, as well as several different figurative and literal meanings.

As regards the primary meanings, it seems to me that a “shadow” is a specific dark area cast by an object, whereas “shade” is the circumstance that prevails in the region of a shadow. So, you would talk about “a person’s shadow” but not “a person’s shade”, but (usually) you would “sit in the shade” rather than “sit in a shadow”.

Sorry, I don’t understand your question about the expression “excuse/pardon my French”.

thank you, dozy
don’t mind about the last question, I just found it when use dictionary.