shack vs. hut

Hi folks can anyone tell me the difference between a shack and a hut please?

Hi Cookie,

Most of the time I’d say there isn’t any difference at all. Otherwise, a shack is very roughly built, a hut possibly less so.

Thank you Beees. So a shack might be a bit more primitive than a hut? After all, it’s Pizza Hut not Pizza Shack, isn’t it :-)?

You can’t get much more primitive than that, can you Cookie? :wink:

Well I can’t promise anything but I can try…

Well, now it’s just The Hut. lol They’ve dropped “pizza” from the name. I don’t know what they were thinking. And Radio Shack is now just The Shack. Hmmmmm.

No the company is called The Shanty Shack now!