Several words which confuse me (wake; awake)

I need to admit i have looked the following words up in the dictionary many times but still some sentences pop up and make me feel confused.

1. Wake (woke, waken) v
Quick, quick, time to wake up
I woke up .I was woken up.
Please wake me/wake me up at 6 o’clock.
I woke the baby up.=The baby was woken up.
A waking baby =The baby is awake now.

2. Waken (wakened, wakened)vt or vi but mostly used as vt?
I wakened the baby. Or I wakened the baby up/ I wakened up the baby.?
I was wakened by the alarm clock.

3. Awake v. (awoke or awaked, awoken) v
I awoke the baby (up?).
I was awoken (up?)
Adj. I am awake now. opposite meaning is I am sleepy/asleep.?

4. Awaken (awakened, awakened) vi
I awakened/awoke/waken at six.
I woke up at six.

Besides In figurative senses awake/wake and awaken
They woke/awoke to the bad news.
They awakened to the bad news.
The bad news awakened my memory.
Waken can’t be used?

I’m confused too-- I use them in just about all combinations. But I don’t worry about it much.