Seriously, Why should we learn English?

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Nowadays, many parents compel their children to study English because this is the international language of communication. On the other hand, some people do not believe it is of prime importance since language translators are available. Do you think that learning English is an advantage or a disadvantage? Give valid reasons and explain.

Recently, the majority of parents force their children to learn English since they believe that it can enrich their children’s lives better and more abundant. Nevertheless, a few parents claim that there is no need to learn it any longer due to the development of modern technology such as a language translator. As for me, learning a foreign language is still worth of it and in this essay, I will prove my opinion with numerous examples.

There are enormous benefits from learning foreign languages. Especially English since it is a language used the most when it comes to either international businesses or on the internet. Thereby, almost all companies or universities require the certain level of English ability when they choose newcomers.

Apart from it, employers are looking for well qualified individuals since the society has become more competitive in such a way that has never been done before. Thus, the fluency in English or other languages can imply the one is more eligible than others. In this manner, using the language translator seems rather ridiculous.

Lastly, English is a language. In other words, it is a part of culture and a tool that allows one communicate with others. The one who uses the state of the art technology may translate words or phrases, but not the culture. He or she will never have full understanding of foreign lifestyle and if so, it is not even the communication at all.

In summary, I agree that the cutting-edge technology will provide tremendous aids in our lives in various ways and perhaps, it may overtake human beings in the future. Nevertheless, I strongly believe that learning English is still advantageous and the one who relys solely on the language translator will be left behind.

TOEFL listening lectures: A university science lecture on Island Biogeography

Relys is not a word, instead use “relies”.

I still make numerous mistakes that I know I should not…
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Nursejuno the more you read, the less mistakes you will make. Concentrate on the words and sentences when you read. I understand you are a new learner and its difficult to grasp it. But you can use some fun ways, like watch english movies, listen to songs, get to enrich your vocablury. Goodluck

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