Serious or entertaining films?

Please help me Luschen!
Topic: Some movies are serious, designed to make the audience think. Other movies are designed primarily to amuse and entertain. Which type of movie do you prefer?

Some people like watching serious movies that make they think a lot. Personally, I feel more enjoyable with kind of amusing and entertaining films, as they are interesting and they help me refreshment. 

In the first place, watching this type of films helps me refresh myself. After a long word day, I really need a break for my mind. Hence, I usually choose amusing films. They make me laugh so much and help me forget almost all current difficultiess and dispel every pressure. For example, I have a routine is watching “Mr. Bean” every night before going to bed. It not only helps me relax, but also brings me sound sleep. So, I can recover my energy and ready for a new day full of challenges. While, serious films causes me more tired, since they always cause me concentrate on their facts and think about them, even if when we do not watch them any more. Actually, once I cannot sleep for some days after watching a documentary film that mentions paranormal powers. This badly affects on my work in the days.

In the second place, this type of entertaining films is far more interesting than the other. I think that kind of serious films is too boring, as it usually only refer to lives or activities or facts in reality. It really lacks of creativeness. Entertaining films, on the contrary, are filled with imagination and comedies. These films makes me feel I am living in other world where I have capable of doing everything I want. For example, when I see soft of hero films, I can image that I can fly or fight with dark forces to save the world. Those are exciting feelings that I will never have in real life or in serious films.

In conclusion, each one have a particular hobby, as well as favorite soft of films for himself. For me, amusing and entertaining films are my most favorite films because it is so interesting and it helps me refresh myself.

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Hi Khuevu, I thought you addressed the topic well here. You have some very good examples that are personal, detailed, and relevant to your argument. Your writing is fairly clear, but you do have a few errors in structure - be careful about using “kind of”, as it has two different meanings - “This movie is kind of a love story.” vs “My favorite kind of movie is love stories.” You also have a few other mistakes in grammar and some word choices that could be improved. Overall, I would rate this a 3.5 out of 5.

Thank you so much luschen!
Actually, I usually feel very difficult when I start to find ideas for my essays. I don’t know why but some essays I can’t find out any things to write and speak. :frowning: