Sentence stress questions 2016 Oct 24


Am I using sentence stress correctly in the following sentences?

[color=blue]1. I have a long day tomorrow. (I said this while parting from a meeting)

  1. Thank you! That was really helpful. (I said that while leaving a one-on-one meeting.)

  2. Have a good meal! (I said that to a colleague who was going on his lunch break.)


  1. I think it would be common to emphasise both ‘long’ and ‘day’. (Alternatively, someone might want to emphasise ‘tomorrow’ instead.)
  2. I think ‘thank’ needs emphasis here, along with either ‘really’ or ‘helpful’ (or both!)
  3. This would probably be the most common stress.

Thanks Beeesneees.

I would suggest just emphasize ‘long’ for 1 as ‘day’ and ‘tomorrow’ are related as lengths of time. And just stress ‘really’ in 2 because ‘helpful’ is implied already in the thanks.