Sentence: Since for the past 4 years it has never been snowed as it was...

Dear Torsen ,

I have started using forum ,i even posted but i haven’t recieved any reply from your side.So,the same post I’m sending it across to your ID again(Following is the mail which i have posted in forum) .Therefore i kindly request you to correct my english as well…

Here is the mail…

Dear Torsten,

When can we use "I have been…had been …has been …I was aksed…We been …We being…I was told …I have had…and much more ,could you give few examples of the above.

I would be glad if you could correct the following sentence

1.Since for the past 4 years it has never been snowed as it was in this year…this year it was severe snow shower.
2.just now i told you right!
3.How many times should i say this to you ?
4.Inspite of we telling him repeatedly there is no change in him.
5.For his betterness ,we been repeatedly told him but there is of no use.
6.Its been so many days i did’nt talked to you! much time does it take to complete?
8.They only told right!
9.How many days it takes to compete? cut can be done here…How much time does it take to cut my hair which is a bit long…what is the cost for hair cut?

I would be glad if u can even correct my english written in this mail as well…I’m trying to learn english proffessionally,politely…in a respectful way.Thanks once again,awaiting for your reply.