Hello Sir

I want to ask:
Can we end a sentence with [color=green]also.

here is one sentence I want to write it in another way. Please help me.

Once my classes begin I am free only on sundays.
I want to make this sentence with a meaning that [color=red]Once my classes begin,I will make some time free only on Sundays. Please correct it.

Please check Is lust is appropriate word here in the sentence:
Punjabis are famous for [color=darkred]their lust towards food.


I don’t like potatoes, tomatoes, cabbage and fingerfish also.
“You don’t enjoy chicken also”.
I think You can use also at end of sentence.

Once my classes begin I WILL BE free only on sundays. This sentence sounds about right.

Correct me beesneees if I am wrong.

Both correct:
Once my classes begin, I will be free only on Sundays. (emphasises ‘free’)
Once my classes begin, I will be free on Sundays only. (emphasises ‘Sundays’)

Punjabis are famous for their lust for food.
Punjabis have a lust for food.