Sentence: Motivation is the only key to proceed to any and to aquire what...

motivation is the only key to proceed to any and to aquire what one wish
all the word arise this issue

What is your question?

I mean that teachers should find ways to keep the momontum of the the pupils motivation .
motivated pupils always do well and try to uses all the compentencis to learn more especially those whose english is their second language more than this they live in an environment where there is no contact with it.
as for myself who teachees in arid rmote place in the algerian sahara I try always to make my teaching better.
I did practical way of teaching narrative purely listening with relaxation. Irequest specialist in methodology to give me their email to snd it to them Id like to collect views nd comment. thi techiniques were experimented with beginners and secondary pupils it made the class moving.
it was translated into frensh by some teachers to teach the past(imparfait)

sorry for carless and typind mistakes

its easy to prepare ways on pappers. the most callenging phase is when you are on the stage. youll be baffeled ad suprise the pupils are the juges