Sentence: "I don’t see this column as a user-filled column"

THere is a column/field on a web page.
This field does not require any input by the user.

Is the sentence correct:
“I don’t see this column as a user-filled column”

I have read in ESL forum "announcement : HOW TO ASk QUESTION .I have some question about listening execise " two students at their dormitory on Registrtion week but don’t see "do you have question " and the column to write the quqestion
So how to lodge a question to forum ?
Thank you for help

Irwan Hananto

This sentence is possible if you are discussing how a web page ought to be designed, when it would mean “I don’t think/envisage that this column should be filled in by the user”. It doesn’t really work if you are describing how an existing web page actually does operate.

  1. Go to the forum that is appropriate for your question (there is a list at ; the one we’re in right now is “English Vocabulary, Grammar and Idioms”).
  2. Click on the “new topic” button near the top of the page.
  3. Type your question and click “Send message”.

Thanks for your reply Dozy!

I am trying to explaining about an existing field.
Please suggest how to write this sentence properly.

Probably simply:
‘This column is not filled in by the user.’
‘This column is not to be completed by the user.’
‘The user does not have to complete this column’.
‘The user does not complete this column.’

Thanks Beeesneees for your time and reply !