Sentence: He does so more often than not!

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I would be most grateful if you help me get the meaning of the following sentence:

He does so more often than not!!!

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I think you should give the context in which the sentence is.

You don’t need the context to understand the gist.
more often than not is an adverb and means in more than half the instances

Hello tortoisea and lost_soul,

OK, the phrase “more often than not” is an idiom. The fact is that one of my friends ask me about the meaning of the mentioned sentence in this way:

He does so more, often than not instead of He does so more often than not.

I ask it immediately and didn’t check my dictionary beforehanded. :oops:

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Hi m1mohammad

Just one more comment:

The word ‘so’ in your sentence refers back to some activity that was mentioned in a previous sentence (in the previous context), so basically your sentence means:

He does it [size=92](the activity that was previously mentioned)[/size] more often than he does not do it.

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