Sentence: Dear Mr Badee, according to what happened during your call to me...

I get a call from a company to work and they asked me to write a message telling them when I will be “available” with them to work in their company but I wrote the message and I’m not convinced with the words and the grammar I used in it, I’ll write it and I want to get what’s word not appropriate its just two lines as follow:
Dear Mr Eng.Badee according to what happened during your call to me I want to inform you that I will be available at work in your company one week after signing the agreement. thank you
[color=red] ( what do I write here with my name)

I’m waiting for your comment.

Dear Mr Badee,

Pursuant to our telephone conversation, I will be available for employment one week after signing our contract.

[b]Thank you very much for this opportunity.

Sincerely yours,

Name (signed)[/b]

Thank you very much Mister Micawber