Sentence correction: English is spoken in Australia.

Can someone please tell me if the following sentence is OK?

  1. English is spoken in Australia.


It is fine. I’m curious as to why you should doubt its correctness.



On a normal day, I wouldn’t have had an iota of doubt about the correctness of the sentence; it’s as plain as they come.

It’s the effect of Monday I guess, I just got swayed by my friend’s words. He said that he’d read somewhere that the sentence was incorrect. So I had to ask.

Things like this happen, don’t they? :slight_smile:

They certainly do. Incidentally Australian English is another kettle of fish. This (Australian) writer has it all sewn up:

Peters, Pam (2007) Cambridge Guide to Australian English Usage. Cambridge University Press 905pp.

She has also written an interesting book called: The Cambridge Guide to English Usage (2004)

  • a book to which I always refer when I want a sensible answer to a language question.


“kettle of fish”… sounds good. :slight_smile: I’ve just learnt what it is. Thanks for that Alan.

As for Australian English, it sounds a wee bit funny to me – may be because the only time I get to hear it is on a comedy show called Comedy Inc. :slight_smile:

Blokeman – I don’t work on sundays or me day off.

The above line is said by a guy on the show and the way he says it is downright funny. Is this the kind of English Ms.Peters covered in her book? :slight_smile: