Sentence: After the revolution, the ex-president eventually found a safe...

Hi !
I am confused with choosing the best answer for a sentence :" After the revolution , the ex-president eventually found a safe _______ in the Far East ."
A.refuge B.sanctuary C.haven D.asylum

I’m considering between A and D . They have the same meaning so i can’t make out what to choose
Help me to choose the best answer and tell me the difference between 2 words , plz
Thank for every help in advance ! :slight_smile:

Hi Giang,

You could use all of them, but the most natural collocation is ‘to find a save haven’. Even a turtle must find and leave its safe haven :smiley:

Yes, it is a fixed phrase:

Main Entry: safe haven
Part of Speech: n
Definition: a place of protection or refuge; a protected zone within a country for members of a religious or ethnic minority