See you'are all right

Test No. [color=blue]express/inter-4 “Picking you up”, question 2

Don’t worry we’ll see you’re all right.

(a) look at you
(b) look on you
© look for you
(d) look after you

Test No. [color=blue]express/inter-4 “Picking you up”, answer 2

Don’t worry we’ll look after you.

Correct answer: (d) look after you

Hi All! What does the exp. 'see you’re all right" mean exactly?
Tell me, please
Terminator :evil:

Hi Terminator,

‘I’ll see you are all right’ means I’ll see that everything is good/safe/ for you and I’ll see that you don’t have any problems - usually in the sense of money. I can’t locate the particular test but I hope this helps.


Hello Alan! Thank you .
Terminator :evil: