second day, Bill Clinton

this is my report of my listening for second day
i listen to the story of " My Life bill clinton" i think the spead of speaking in this book is very high. but its a wanderfull story. always peaple think a successful person has a rich family or has at least a uusual level of life. Bill cilinto had a poor life. he was born in Arcanza. his father drowned before his birth.after many years I think in the period of his presidency, he found his father was married three times and he has some brother and sister. he likes his grandfather very much …it will continued.
I also listened to the BBC. it is difficult . I undrestand a little.i hope my english to be improved :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi Parisa,

It’s great to hear you listened to Bill Clinton’s story. What you can do, is the following: Try to write down keywords – either single words or phrases exactly as you hear them. I understand it’s a challenge for you to write a report so instead of entire sentences you can start by creating a list with phrases. Then you can listen to the recording again and try to catch entire sentences. The trick is to copy the phrases or sentences exactly as you hear them.

Let me know what you think.
Many thanks,

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