In the first glance, the word “science” is most often associated with technology and modern gadgets or even tends to recall us white-dressed tousled hair men in labs, but this single concept is divided to three classes i.e. Pure-science, Applied-science and Pseudo-science.
Firstly, pure-science is denoted as “kind of science which discovers the relationships that exist among things and events in the natural world”. This branch of science develops theories to explain what happens around. These theories are constantly examined through valid scientific methods. The goal of pure-science is only knowledge, for instance, determining the different stages of an insect’s life-cycle .It’s findings may or may not be later used by applied-science experts.
Secondly, applied-science has different goals. This kind of science is concerned with applying the standards of pure science to real and practical situations. Fruitfulness of knowledge is at the very center of focus in this sort of science. Back to our previous example, applied science determines the appropriate time for spraying insecticides on the bugs to get rid of.
The pseudo-science as the third kind, even though presented in scientific veil, is not in fact a science, because this sort of knowledge can not be tested through scientific methods and as a result, is of no usefulness for real problems. The advocates of pseudo science may simply pose claims like “insects are from an unknown planet” or “killing four insects in a farm if and only if this is done by really loyal friends, will take the pests away”. As a matter of fact, nor the first neither the second given claims are scientifically provable for they can not be examined.
Summing up the discussion, one can try pure science hoping that his/her findings will be of some practical benefits in the field of applied science, however resorting to pseudo science leads him/her to labyrinths of time-wasting and useless activities.

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