School leavers

‘School leavers’ refer to students who’ve graduated from high school but go to work rather than move on to university. The chance of them getting official work is very frail, because they haven’t been trained formally. Therefore, many of them choose manual jobs.

Is this situation popular in your country? Is it good or bad to go to work after high school?

In my country it’s very common for people to decide after high school that they don’t want to move on to university. Some work for a while and then go to university, and others never go. I have a friend whose son has decided he doesn’t like studying at a university, and he’s now looking for a business to start.

I think it’s good for every kid to work in the real world for a while before going to university – especially if he plans to go into politics, law or any other profession in which he’ll be determining other people’s fates. People who go all the way from high school through graduate school without having had a job just don’t have sufficient understanding of the average person’s problems, and they often underestimate other people’s intelligence, which can be dangerous in many situations. This is why I think everyone should take a crummy job for at least a year after high school.

Don’t forget that some of the richest, most powerful people in American business and industry chose not to go to university. It’s not always necessary.

In my country it’s also common Phenomena, because some students don’t score enough points on entrance examination called “matura”and have no other choice as to go to work. The situation of that sort of students is usually horrible, the lowest salary, long work and no place for mistakes. But for example my brother even though he spent 4 weeks at university decided finally to have a half-time job to earn some money for himself (parents pay the bills) and go to a kind of vocational school in order to not to be called up. I can say this situation has some advantages, more money in house and he acquired licence of IT specialist.
All in all everything depends from that how lucky you are.

Many people who don’t score high enough on their high school graduation exams (including many Poles) end up emigrating to the United States, because here the system is oriented toward repairing people’s academic deficiencies, rather than just eliminating people and forbidding them to get a higher education. I think that many countries waste their best talent by having educational systems that throw people out at certain stages, rather than trying to find a way to get them to their goal.

When I worked in Europe, I had students who I believed had genius-level intelligence, but they weren’t allowed to go to universities in their own countries because they weren’t good at taking a certain type of exam. So a genius would wind up with a career as a hotel receptionist or a waitress. It was a total waste. When they come to the US, often as au pairs, the colleges teach them English, help them with any academic problems they might have, and then the proceed to turn Europe’s rejects into some of our most intelligent, qualified workers.

In Malaysia, most parents think that only through good or high education one can be successful. Malaysia is still developing so most people do not see out of the box, though I can see this is changing bit by bit.

And not pursuing one’s tertiary studies is only popular for those who are not academically oriented or who cannot afford it.

And personally, I think doing part time job in my country is not worth the time and energy, the wages is too low. People cannot demand because there will always be foreign workers who are willing to take the job for much less. People only do it because they really need money and they don’t have other choices or just to get busy rather than doing nothing.

I did it once, while waiting for my results I took a job as a helper at one of the kindergartens that belongs to one of my mom’s friend. All I can say is, I get more from my father in a week than working there for a month. The payment is low, but it was really fun, children are funny creatures. I just wished that somebody had warned me how tiring work can be.

Nowadays, when young people want to save up money for whatever purposes, they prefer to do small businesses rather than to take up a part time job.