Say to me welcome! I am a physiotherapist from Egypt

Hi The Aministrator and all members & moderators: :slight_smile:

I am a physiotherapist from Egypt ,29 years , I am trying to immigrate to NZ , so i have to improve my English level , and pass an exam called ielts , academic type .

Now , i am trying to improve my spoken English , i was searching the Web ,to find your forums , hope to find your forum helpful.

emad :lol: :lol:

Hi Emad,

Welcome to You can contact us with any question you may have as long as you communicate in English.[YSaerTTEW443543]

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Hi Torsten:

Thank you very much.


Hi Emad,

Why did you choose New Zealand as the country where you want to live and work soon?[YSaerTTEW443543]

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Hi Tor:
Regarding NZ ,it is a very long issue , i am trying to obtain registration as a physiotherapist there since 4 years ,I think it is funny,more social ,nice ,small and away country .

However physiotherapists income there is low in relation to Uk,USA,Canada,and Australia,i preferd to begin with it.

In spite of my suffering with the Physiotherapy Authority there ,which is resposbile for granting registration ,they ask me for more extensive criteria ,demands ,… more than those from UK,reasoning that on the basis ,they have not assessed any physios from my country ,and praticulalry from my year pof graduation.

These days , i find they may ask me for more English advacements , so i try to prpare my self ,they always ask for[color=red] ielts english exam , which i entered since one year ,and obatined a score 6 out of 9 ,and they ask me for 7.5 out of 9 .So ,i have to try more .

I am trying t improve my English speaking skills through practice , i try to use YAHOO messanger , however i do not find peoples who are looking foward to improve and share spoken English.



Hi emad,

I do use yahoo messenger too but i don’t find people on it either! Anyway walcome on board! :wink:

Whenever you 'd like to talk on yahoo just let me know.You should find my yahoo id on my profile.


Hi Salvo:

Nice to meet you.

i will search now for yout yahoo meass ,if i find it i will add you to my friends list.


Hi salvo :

my yahoo messanger is ;

i hope you can add me as friend , then we can meet


The subject line in your message reminded me a good joke. A wife tells her husband: “Call me a taxi.” The husband says: “Ok, you are a taxi” :slight_smile:

By the way, welcome to this web site. I believe that everybody understood you unlike that husband, so no offense, please.