Say hello and thanks to English online

Hello everyone,
I am Kieu from Viet Nam. This is the first time i post a record here. I do not strong believe myself on speak English.
I hope that i can make more recorder in near future.
Thuy Kieu,

Hello Kieu,

I was very happy to listen to your voice recording. I understood you just fine. I think you may need more practice speaking English to feel more comfortable using it and to build up your confidence. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes or to be misunderstood either. Part of learning is making mistakes and we are all here to help each other.

Take care!

Hello every one,
I am be happy to meet all of you again. This time, i would tell you some thing about my family.
There are 10 peoples in my family, i am ninth.
All of them are farmers, they are living in rural area of Viet Nam. They work hard to earn money to support themselves. They do not registered in any university and they so be happy as farmers.
In sunning season, they do as worker in some big factory.
In raining season, they try to plant some short- term trees. After 3 months, they harvest fruits, rice, and other product of agricultural. Then purchase them at the market.
In my family, only me and my young brother finish high school course.
@ I will step by step share you all myself.
Thuy Kieu,

Halo Lady,
Thanks for your voice posting. I will practice more speaking English from now on.
I day by day listening and speaking.
I happy to be encouraged from all.
Thuy Kieu,

Please listen to my recording and respond with a voice message too. Many thanks.