Say Hello, and ask to download listening material

Dear All,

Hello, I am Johannes, from Indonesia, I live in central Java, in small village called Ambarawa, nice place, temperature about 24-27 Celsius degree, because the place is on the hill about 450 m.

I know that my English is not so good, so I joint with English net to improve my english.

By the way, I found that all materials that I received was very useful and user friendly. Just I have problem to download and save, some listening contents, because my Internet speed connection not stable or very slow to hear in real time. Is it possible to download and save?

Thanks and regards,


Hello Johannes,

Many thanks for joining our forum and welcome to! You can download the MP3 audio files here.


TOEFL listening lectures: What is one way that Internet Addiction Disorder affects sleep?[YSaerTTEW443543]