saving money or not

Topic: do you spend money as they come or save them?

When face with the decision of saving your money for some time in the future or enjoying when you earn it, many people are very wavering. In my opinion, it is better if we save money rather than wasting them for the following reasons

The first reason for my propensity is that I can buy relatively expensive things or pursue my lifetime dreams by saving money. A cell phone or a car may be necessary for me. As a student, I cannot by them immediately, but I can save my income monthly. Step by step, I will own enough money to get what I need

Another reason why I prefer saving money is that I can save money for special use. Education fee is actually expensive these days. As an mature, I have to depend on myself to afford the tuition. Sometimes I want to travel around, as you know, the expenditure of travel is big. All of these must spend me a lot of money. Saving money, thus, is really a good resolution

Finally, I must prepare money for emergency. Generally, I have my plan to use money, but I really cannot predict what will happen. When a accident or sudden illness catch me, I must cover the medical fee. On the other hand, if my friends ask me for help, I can even use the money I save to help them. There are an old saying: “saving money for the rainy day”. It really tells the truth

From all I have discussed above, it can be stated that the safer conclusion is saving money

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