SAT essay: The people we call heroes do not usually start out as unusual.

Essay Prompt:

Think carefully about the issue presented in the following excerpt and the assignment below.

“The people we call heroes do not usually start out as unusual. Often they are ordinary people subject to ordinary human weaknesses—fear, doubt, and self-interest. In fact, they live ordinary lives until they distinguish themselves by having to deal with an injustice or a difficult situation. Only then, when they must respond in thought and in action to an extraordinary challenge, do people begin to know their strengths and weaknesses.”

Do people learn who they are only when they are forced into action? Plan and write an essay in which you develop your point of view on this issue. Support your position with reasoning and examples taken from your reading, studies, experience, or observations.

My essay:

I am sitting here stuck with a boring essay topic that I cannot come up with any idea. The fact that my time for this essay is shrinking really scares me now. The time limit is only twenty-five minutes and it’s like ten minutes have passed. Think!!! Why can’t I think of any idea??? I don’t know what to write about the given topic; I can’t even think of a word to begin the essay. Now, I am being forced to do something that is really hard for me.

About five more minutes have gone, and I still don’t have anything on this paper. I am telling to myself that this section will soon be over; all I need to do is to write down some words to get some score. I will try harder with the other sections. However, I am still stuck. The more I think, the worse the situation becomes. The clock is tickling . Time is passing really fast as if a minute only lasts about one second. How can my situation be worse?

The other test-takers are writing really fast. What is happening to me? How can I still at the start while they are nearly at the finish line? I need to do something. Praying for luck? No! That action will lead me to nowhere, and afterall my total score will suffer. Boom!!! The idea I am longing for has finally come. What if I write down on this paper about my situation I am going through. Will it suit the topic essay? Will it get my some score? I am not so sure, but there is no time for filling my brain with some stupid questions. I need to write, write as fast as possible unless I want to receive a score of zero right at the beginning of my test. I am now forcing my self to scratch the papers with my pencil as I am being forced to finish my essay in just about ten minutes.

Time has nearly flown to the end as I have nearly finished my essay. This is the one which matters. So great that I have saved my own test with a sudden, crazy thought, but that was really a good one I think. How happy I am now! Since I have to do this job in a very small amount of time, I have come up with a strange idea just to save myself. Now I know that I can do anything as long as I am still fighting for it. Thanks to the stupid essay topic. It has completely awaken my inner me. I have totally discovered who I really am. Far from a geek that can memorize six hundred new words a day, but a man that can cope with any problem.

…you , so funny…finally ,you find yourself might be the hero?