Sarah Mirsadeghi

hello again
everyone like to learn persian and visit iran
can contact me



Hello sara
Welocom , I added you
my e-mail

Welcome Saramir, Iran!! What an interesting place, so much history and culture.

hi sareh
how ar eyou doing?
what sort of business you are doing?

i am tourguide
where are you liveing ?in iran?

how are you?thank you for the site but i can see the alphabet
how its working?
and where are you from?i like to know more about you if its possible
thank you again

Saramir where you talking to me? That website is my schools homepage but its written in Japanese so it might be difficult to understand. If you want to see some free English videos that I made try this:

also remember there is a lot of great study materials here too.

I’m from the USA but I live in Japan, I’m an English teacher there.

oh yes now i completely understood,
thank you very much