Same or different?

Dear teachers,

My teacher wrote:

Middle East = Near East (less frequent).

I think they’re different.

In your opinions, “Middle East” and “Near East”are the same thing or different?


You are correct, they are different.
The terms date back to the days of the British Empire.
The area know as the Middle East is the region, Iran-Iraq-Palestine/Israel-Lebanon-Saudi.

The Near East (not used nowadays) referred to the Turkey-Greece-the Balkans


In Russia /the former USSR/ the list of countries of so-called ‘Near East’ (that is quite usual and widely used term) includes:
Bahrain, Israel, Palestine territory, Jordan, Iraq, Yemen, Qatar, Kuwait, Lebanon, OAE, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Syria and Turkey.

Whereas the term ‘Middle East’ (rarely used) refers to the all countries of ‘Near east’ + Iran and Afghanistan.

(And I suppose, for an average Russian ‘Near East’ = ‘Middle East’ covering all the country mentioned above).

If I didn’t omit something.