Sam from Vietnam

Hi everybody!
I am Sam. I am living in VietNam, I want to learn EL, and I think you can help me. and I hope we will learn together. Sorry my grammer is very bad, but I think i will growing next day.
Thanks very much.

Hello Sam,

Welcome to and thanks for your introduction. If you like, you can take this test and let me know how many questions you got right on the first attempt.

Best regards,

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hi everybody, I’m Phuong, from Vietnam, too. On February, 2009 I will take a real toefl test. My hobby is oversea travelling and one near day will travel in a foreign country. I really want to join this forum and have a chance to consult all friends and English teachers. Now I have a toefl ibt group of teaching ourself. Yesterday, I also posted an essay" what are the characteristics of a good teacher". I hope to be received the constructive ideas. I’m glad to make friends in the same hobby
My email address:
@Torsten: I only answer correctly 7 questions, have you got any advice for me.

Hi Phuongdn,

Thanks a lot for your message. I suggest you take the test again to see if your score goes up. Also, it’s probably a good idea if you read no email addresses on the forum.

Let me know what you think.

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