Salary increases and promotions to new positions are not the only ways to reward

When employees in organization do good work there are a lot of ways to reward them. Although salary increases and promotions to new positions are considering as the most remarkable ways to reward employees, there are many other ways to encourage workers and reward them. From my own experience it is obvious for me that sometimes employees need rewards different from salary increases and promotions to new positions.
One kind of reward for good work is recognition, which is very important for workers. When employee performed well and the organization makes the effort to reward that performance through recognition, that employee will inspire him well and will continue good work. By the way recognition is not important just for the employee who did well in his job, it is very important for both, the company and for other workers, because other workers will try to work hard and to be worthy to get recognition which will be very beneficial for company. There is an old saying that goes “If you want your workers to be motivated just show them that good work will be worthy for recognition.”
Another type of reward for good work is to let that employee which did good work be independent (i.e. to have some privileges, and to have independence in making some decisions). If worker performed that is mean that if you give him some independence he will work much better. Besides another workers will try to work well to have such independence like the worker who did well. It is very important for company to give privileges for good workers
So, taking into consideration these we can conclude that rewards are vital if the organization wants to have hard working and motivated workers. And there are many ways of rewarding employees such us salary increases, promotions to new positions, recognition and authority.

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