sal mobbed by his fans … r_embedded

What does she say at about 0.08-0.09?

At .19, ‘swept in the wake or wave’?

At 0.34, ‘even got in grawl with’?

Please help me to know what is being said. Thanks a lot.

0.08 I have no idea what she says, her accent is unintelligible to me in a number of places through this clip. Most of the users who post voice messages on this forum would do a far better job of English pronunciation than she does.

0.19 Swept in the wake…

0.34 His bodyguards even got into a brawl with the public…

Thanks a lot, Beees.

Shouldn’t it be ‘swept in the wave of’?

No. The wake is the trail of disturbed water (or air) left by a travelling boat/ship (or aircraft).

If something is ‘swept in the wake’ then it is pulled along in the current behind the vehicle.

When used figuratively, this means that the people were caught up in what was happening and they behaved in a way that reflected this.

Beees, thanks a lot. You are a good person, I’m sure you won’t mind me asking this question. “they behaved in a way that reflected this” - In the context of the definition you gave, is “behaved” a right choice? “behaved” has an element of ‘intentionality’ to it and ‘behaving’ is not usually to preserve themselves from some external damage etc . When someone get caught in the wake of accidental events, conditions, etc., they simply react or act to safeguard themselves. I’m not too sure if you get my point - even I myself am confused! The point is “react, act” could have been a better choice. That’s my humble opinion. Is my way also correct?

React or act would have been fine, but putting aside the fact that often people ‘caught up in the wake’ often choose to act that way, I define ‘behaviour’ in a rather different way to you. I don’t believe the term ‘behaviour’ necessarily have an element of intentionality, otherwise why would we use the phrase ‘natural behaviour’ when referring to instinct. ‘Behaviour’ is the action or reaction of someone/something under specified circumstances; it is the responses or reactions or movements made by an organism or a machine in any situation.
“The behaviour of small particles can be studied in experiments.”

Also, I don’t understand your point about behaviour to ‘preserve themselves from some external damage.’ Figuratively, being caught in the wake means being swept along by events or opinions , with no purpose of being swept out of the way of any harm.

Thank you very much, Beees. I stand corrected now.