Safety of journalists and reporters in Myanmar?

Yesterday CNN Europe showed a report on the situation in Myanmar and after the program they anchor woman said something along these lines: “For the security of our reporter we can’t give you his name.” My question is why they would CNN say something like this? Is is it to make the report more interesting and intriguing? I mean, if the Burmese government really was interested in the reporter’s identity they would have numerous ways of finding it out.

What do you think?

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The TV networks already know that the foreign governments can trace them, because they’ve seen ample cases of people talking to the broadcast media being persecuted or imprisoned in places like China, because the authorities monitored the satellite feed.

But on the other hand, the anchorwoman and the reporter really could have been foolish. Some of the talking heads are called anchorwomen, but we call some of them “info-babes”, because they’re airheads.

Journalism is as politics very corruptive and selfish.
It is I think a part of the show.