1. Sita arrives home safe.
  2. Sita arrives home safely.
    Are both sentences OK?
    Are ‘safe’ & ‘safely’ adjective or adverb?

They are both possible. “safe” is an adjective (describing her state when she arrives home); “safely” is an adverb (describing the manner in which she arrives home).

I differ little.

Both are correct grammatically, but this is a fair debate since centuries.Please see at
famous grammarian Norman Lewis’ book ‘Better English’.

It is not important ‘how’(mannerism) she arrives at home but it is more important that ‘she’(actor)arrived at home so that preferable form is -Marry arrived home ‘safe’,
‘safely,’ acceptable not preferable—it was his views and I accept it.

Because, he was one of the famous grammarians in his ages in the USA, he still regarded that. His teaching style was an unique. Now, we can immediate differ with you, that time 1950-65, he couldn’t have that facilities. He used to send the ‘issues’ to the famous respected persons by mail or wired transferring who were that time always practiced English grammar at their daily usage like, famous daily English News papers’ Editors, Artists,English department heads(grammarians also) in various Universities and colleges, and writers, etc.

His book gave me some light(first time in 1993) that I didn’t get from other 15 books yet, he showed me how to analyze grammar. Problem is I have no time to give here at grammar.

Otherwise, sorry, I haven’t seen anybody here englishtest site yet, with respect all, who is as like as his half grammar knowledge.

These books(15) name you can find here,
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