Sabalan Mountain

Sabalan Mountain which is also called Savalan, with 4821 meters high point is taller than Mount Blunk in the Alps. Sabalan is the second highest mountain peak of Iran, and it is an inactive volcano in Meshkinshahr, Ardebil province of northwestern Iran. This mountain is located in a continental climate with hot, dry summers and extremely cold, snowy winters. Sabalan is famous for its beautiful lake, mineral water spa, and fabulous vistas.
There is a permanent crater lake on the summit of Sabalan, and because it is a volcanic peak, at 36oo meters climber can see gigantic sculptures which are eroded volcanic stone outcrops which resemble animals, birds, and insects.
On the slopes of the mountain, there flows many mineral water springs which attract thousands of tourists each year. It has a ski resort, Alvares, and different area such as the Sarein spa. Then, people built a lot of luxury hotels around this spa.
The mountain is known for its beautiful landscapes including the Shirvan gorge, where few climbers ever venture. The mountain is called “dream peak and wonder” because it enjoys specific attractions in various seasons of the year were the mountain climber feels he has entered a land of dreams and wonders.

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