Rush People!

Rush People!

Dear Friends,

We know what rush hour is.

I’ve seen and contacted thousands of rush people throughout my 53 years on the planet earth. Some passed me by for good in a rush. I don’t know whether they have accomplished what they are or have been rushing for.

Rush people. Do they get what they want?

Just a lackadaisical thought.

kind regards.

Dear Kyaw! In English language there are two words that fit perfectly to your topic. It is ‘prudential’ and ‘sensible’. They say that haste is is good in catching fleas.

 That is what I keep in my mind.  /Providing I'm not in a hurry/.

 I greet you.  Alicja

The time of day when everybody needs to get to work on time while longing for their warm and cozy feather bed, and the other time of day when everybody wants to get home as soon as they can while longing for that warm and cozy island in the South Sea.

There are rush people on planet Earth?! Where do they come from? Are they going to invade us?

There is a 100% chance that if you don’t rush, you won’t get it, but there is a fifty-fifty chance that if you do rush, you won’t get it.

Nah, I don’t think so. The thought moved you enough to post it and share it with us. :wink: (Just teasing you a bit)

In my opinion, there is a difference between rushing and doing something in a rush. I often need to rush because I tend to wait until the last minute to get something done. I still get it done, though. But this is what makes the difference: when I do something in a rush, not because I need to get it done on time, but because I’m just so overexcited or overeager about it that I want it done quickly, then I tend to do it thoughtlessly. That’s when it is best to just slow down and take it easy, since strength lies in calmness.


I like that! :-)))


Thank you Claudia! I always admire your texts. Seemingly scattered and a little twisted ,but always have their own sense of meaning. How do you find time for that all?

Kyaw-that is another way round! He is hiden in his basemen /remember?-he has debts/ and is writing his endless elaborations.

I greet you:))   Alicja

Dear Claudia and Alicja,

In terms of money how much do you think is, wise and worth to rush, I used to rush for peanuts ( some hundred thousand dollars) when I was young. But today 1 million can’t rush me up in here. ( though I’m totally broke now ). I’ve seen some seemingly wise and intelligent rush people cost their lives in the rush before they have a good time with their money. Oh those rush people of planet earth. Aren’t you the one of them "Claudia who’s invaded us and leading earth people to rush. lol

I prefer Alicja ways this time. Prudential and sensible…Oh dear where did you find them. lol. I tend to learn some more things from you my dear…

kind regards.

Reminds me of “Rat Race”. Do you know that movie?

No, don’t worry. I’m from a completely different planet and absolutely harmless.


I know rat race and luckily out of it now. aber, ich weiss the film nicht.
I wish you were an alien.

kind regards.

Cos, knowing an alien can make me loads of money these day. lol.

kind regards.

I thought you don’t care about money anymore?



That’s the thing I kinda like you.



By the way, I was an alien once: an alien resident. :wink:

Awww, I’m glad you kinda like me! You like me, but not quite. I call that a bad case of mixed feelings. ;-D


Oh dear, I must have known it earlier to sell you out and make some Marks. lol.
kind regards.

My mind works in mysterious ways, and I often don’t know myself what it’s up to. :wink:


It is similar to me Claudia. Nothing , nothing…and suddenly I shot! But where that bullet went?


They say if you can ask yourself, " Am I crazy now?, you are very sane. Don’t worry ladies, to me, you both are very sane as well. lol. Oh this world…

kind regards.

Kyaw said: ’ Don’t worry ladies, to me, you both are very sane as well.’

Yes Kyaw. I hope so. Anyway, it was worth being sure.