Role versus Application

Hi, I am confused between the two words. For example, I am told to critically evaluate the role and application of training in the organzation.

What is the difference between “role” and “application”?
Can someone explain with examples?


Relying on a dictionary’s definition of ‘role’ as “the purpose or influence of someone or something in a particular situation”, and ‘application’ as “a particular use that something has”, you can say that the role (purpose) of training in your company is to help the employers stay healthy. In order to achieve that, you can apply different kinds of training depending on age, sex, physical conditions of your employees. The young would like games, women would go for fitness sessions etc. That would be possible applications of training.

Sorry, ‘to help the employees stay healthy’ it was meant (though for your employers staying healthy is ‘a must’ as well).

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Hello, Jolyn:

I think that the ROLE [the function ] of training is paramount (No. 1) if the APPLICATION [putting it into operation] of training is to actually occur.

I regularly shop at a supermarket where the checkers (cashiers) are supposed to thank every customer by his name: “Thank you, Mr. X.” (The checker is supposed to look at the credit card receipt in order to get the customer’s name.)

I have noticed that perhaps 85% of the checkers follow this policy of the store. The others are too lazy to look at the name on the receipt. They simply say, “Thank you.” (They do, however, smile and sound sincere. In many stores, they just quickly mutter “Thank you” – or say nothing.)

Apparently, then, the manager is not doing a good job in training his cashiers. The cashiers are told to say "Thank you, Mr. X, " but the manager is not actually checking to see that they all do. (Here in the United States, managers have to be very careful not to hurt the feelings of employees. So it is possible that the manager is “afraid” to criticize employees who ignore the policy.)

Thus, the policy is not being evenly applied.