Road safety and stricter punishment

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3/2/2018 Task 2: The only way to improve safety of our roads is to give much stricter punishments for driving offences. What extent do you agree or disagree?

Discovering effective solutions to minimize traffic accidents has been a big concern in different countries/ nations and regions. Many individuals argue that imposing more severe penalties for violating drivers is solely way to enhance safe roads. However, I completely disagree with this idea because there are alternative measures which would also be effective.

Implementation of harsher punishment to violating drivers can reduce traffic accidents caused by a lack of awareness of participants in traffic. Undeniably, a large proportion of road casualties mostly stem from rule violation such as speeding, using stimulants while driving or mere ignorance and to deal with these rule-breakers, it makes sense to tighten the execution of punishments. Thus, imposing stricter punishments contribute to deter and force road-users to obey to traffic law more strictly. They will no longer pose a danger to other road-users including pedestrians.

While harsher penalties for driving offenses should be high on the government agenda, there are other remedies that authorities should be taken into consideration to enhance road safety. Firstly, the installation of surveillance cameras can encourage reckless drivers having to adhere to speed limits as they can be always followed by this equipment. Therefore, the safety of roads that installed cameras can be improved effectively. Secondly, bad geographical conditions can pose danger drives as well. Accidents, for example, can happen frequently on broken roads or utility pole on the streets. Therefore, investing in road reconstruction and provide extensive warms on high-risk routes to remind drivers driving carefully.

In conclusion, applying more severe punishment to reckless road-users can be effective but only solves part of the problems. To thoroughly ensure road safety, different approaches should be taken into account in various situations.


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  • I would rephrase these as follows: The only way to improve safety on our/the roads is to fine traffic offenders more heavily. To what extent do you agree or disagree?
  • Finding effective solutions to minimize traffic accidents…

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